Personal Development: The Self-Alignment Method

Personal Journaling

Soo I decided to start a blog about personal growth and specifically about self-development program that I coincidently started right before the onset of these strange times; social distancing and COVID 19.

I am currently working through a self-development program created by a wonderful soul, Amaia, that I happened to find on social media, (how I found her I still do not know). It is called the Self Alignment Method and right away I was drawn to her and the program. It felt light, it felt smart, it felt like just what I was looking for.

I was feeling in need of some guidance, accountability, reprogramming. After all, how can we expand to our highest version of ourselves without doing the underlying recovery work that needs to be dealt with and healed?!

Resistance came up obviously, is it worth it? What will the financial and timely investment be? Will it work?... Will I be able to achieve what I want to through the help of this program, is this the right choice?! Although there was some resistance it wasn’t strong, it wasn’t powerful, it felt like a natural part of decision making. And so I took the steps necessary to make it happen, and boy am I glad I did.

So far we are focusing on emotions, emotional patterns, resistance, forgiveness of others, forgiveness of self and acceptance. These seem like simple activities, things that we all work on … but honestly I don’t think I have been. So far I have been working on releasing past patterns of behavior including emotional outbursts (due to holding in emotions), letting go of past stories surrounding fear and the learned behaviors we experience when we're not in a conscious state.

This is just a little excerpt into what I’m working on currently and I hope to continue to share the growth and tips I learn along the way. Sharing this journey isn’t part of the process but it is going to be part of my process. The process of being honest and open in feelings, of practicing more writing and journaling and of connecting with others over shared experiences.

Three main things I have learned so far:

  • Try things before you think yourself out of them

    Sometimes we run through scenarios in our head and make important decisions before ever having acted on one, discussed or written about them. Our head can’t make everything up perfectly, we often need to see examples of our decisions first hand in order to figure out if that is the next step

  • We must make space for the new

    Taking time to work on ourselves involves letting go of other time consuming activities that we have chosen instead. TV/ video games/ social media/ etc. What are you willing to give up in order to achieve what you want?

  • What can we release from the past?

    Releasing past stories and emotions we have been holding onto subconsciously allow us to open up space and energy to bring in what we are needing the most or what we have been searching for

Three questions I pose to you:

  • If fear was not involved and not an issue you have to face what would you go for?
  • If you could make time to do an activity for yourself in the name of self -development and growth what would that be and when would it happen?
  • Who supports you and holds you accountable to your short and long term goals?

There is no right way for self-development, for growth, for expansion. The only answer is progression.

What can you do to continue to progress as a human, to strive to be the best version of yourself you can be? What do you need to let go of? Who could be your assistance? What do you invest in? What are your priorities today?

my friends 🙂