Let’s practice together!

If it has to do with making time to connect with yourself I can help.

Sarah Kincaid Kelly Yoga by waterfall

Do you…

  • Wake up tight and stiff?
  • Feel that you aren’t “flexible enough to do yoga”?
  • Have lower back pain?
  • Find it hard to make time to just relax?
  • Experience anxiety and overwhelm?
  • Feel stressed after a long work day?

If you are dealing with any one of these issues, you are in the right place!

It is my goal to help you say goodbye to the stress held in your body and have you feeling refreshed and connected. Basically, I want you to feel and be the best version of YOU.

I work with people like you who want to feel:

Connected to
their bodies

and relaxed

Confident in their
personal practice

I teach a fun and engaging practice, never too serious. Holding space for you to be yourself and tune into your body.

Where you can join the practice

Private Sessions

$100 per session

One-on one private online or in person yoga classes to focus on exactly what you personally need.

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Yoga Parties

$125 - 4 ladies
$25 per extra guest

Personalized, private parties brought to your house. Bachelorette, birthdays, celebrations of all kinds with your girlfriends. I bring the matts, blocks and high-vibing music. You bring wine and your friends.

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High Vibing Yoga

Activate the senses. Be present and in tune with your body, mind and soul through

  • Touch

    Hands on massage and adjustments

  • Sight

    Dim Lighting and Candles

  • Sound

    Music purposefully picked for you

  • Smell

    Terpene infused candles and essential oils

  • Taste

    Enjoy a homemade herbal tea to finish your practice

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Interested in the complimentary effects that cannabis can have on your practice?

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For me, yoga is about finding more ease in daily life, about not sweating the small stuff, about living and moving free from pain and tightness, about going with the flow, about choosing how you want to feel each day, about becoming the best version of yourself, about growth and acceptance.

My Yoga Journey

I first got on the yoga mat in the privacy of my own home, it’s where I felt the most safe and could explore the movements of yoga without any other eyes on me (not that anyone in a yoga class is thinking about me anyways- they are pretty focused on their own practice).

I was originally drawn to yoga as a part of my healing journey, I had just moved home from British Columbia and was on a mission to feel a heck of a lot healthier. It was a great way to get some exercise into my routine, and ease into the new healthier life I was trying to create for myself. I think what intrigues me the most about the practice of yoga is that it is a constant learning curve- you never achieve perfection, only improvement. It’s kind of like in business, your business is never finished, complete, perfect- there is always room to grow, scale, evolve. My main driving force for sticking with my practice is that no matter how I feel walking into a class, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS feel better walking out. That is one thing I know for certain. My goal is to have you leave your practice with me feeling more refreshed, calm and connected to yourself.

After completing my holistic health coach certification in 2017 and starting my Healthy Wine Girl Business, I knew that the next step for me was to complete a yoga teacher training. I didn’t know how or when but I knew that my health and business journey would include yoga. The benefits were just too good to ignore. For me yoga is about finding more ease in your daily life, about not sweating the small stuff, about living and moving free from pain and tightness, about going with the flow, about choosing how you want to feel each day, about becoming the best version of yourself, about growth and acceptance.

I really got inspired to teach to be able to share with others the style of yoga that I enjoy taking. I find the yoga experience really depends on the style of practice and the teacher- you have to gel. I wanted to bring the feel good music, the easy flow, the type of class that when you leave your body speaks to you and says, wow thanks- that was just what I needed. I do this work with you because I am constantly doing this work with myself. This life is long, and there is infinite space to grow and evolve ourselves. I may be a teacher but will always remain a student.


A bit about my teachers whom I love...

Aleysha is a hands on teacher, exploring the different lines and connections of the body, always teaching with a focus and theme. She is a full time teacher in Ottawa, with strong roots in the yoga community and a connection to her students. Aleysha loves to teach workshops, host retreats and to help students learn new skills and explore their boundaries.

Jenn Switzer, anatomy queen, is extremely knowledgeable in the workings of the body and how yoga can complement and expand other forms of fitness. She is a force of nature, with a light and endearing demeanour. Jenna’s classes are always creative and help you to really tune into your body and breath.

Sarah studying


I have completed my 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training from the "In Alignment" teaching school in Bali, Indonesia. My instructors were Aleysha Derksen and Jenna Switzer of Ottawa, Ontario. Theming of classes and the physical anatomy of the body were two major focuses of the teaching. The in Alignment training abroad was rooted in connection, growth, self expression and development.

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