Meet Sarah

I love to spend time with my dog Stella and partner Trevor. We laugh a lot and try to keep life light and energetic. Connection is a major pillar in my life. Meeting new people and building genuine friendships is a staple of my personal health. I have goals of speaking on a large stage someday and travelling as much as possible. I love helping people get out of their heads and into the present moment through conversation, movement and meditation. Current self-development status: Creating a positive ripple effect in the world.

Sarah Kelly

If it has to do with finding your joy for life, I can help!

Do you…

Have habits that you would like to change?

Feel overwhelmed with the stress of walking through life alone?

Fear getting stuck in a routine you hate?

know you have the determination to really succeed but need support right now?

It is my goal to help you say goodbye to your confusion and lack of energy and have you feeling energized and clear about your daily life. Basically, I want you to feel and be the best version of YOU.

Here’s the thing. I get it. I see you, I feel you, I hear you…. I was there..

I know what it is like to feel misaligned. No two people go through the exact same struggles but we all have our own demons. For me, it was a lack of self-restraint. I used to treat my body without care and compassion and it showed up in my life in a big way! For you, personal difficulties might show up in a different struggle but our solutions are similar. I am extremely passionate about habit formation and how to elicit change in myself and others.

I can aid to blend two parts of you; the misalignment that you feel; The person you know you can be and the person who is showing up everyday. Change comes from tuning into your intuition and honoring what you need. I want to empower you to live from a centred place of guidance versus a place of force and restriction. It's time to get back to the real you so you can attract the connection in life you desire.

I have always had an interest for psychology and the inner workings of the human mind. Why do we do what we do? And why are habits so goddamn hard to break? This fascination has grown into a personal mission to help others implement small daily changes in order to live fulfilled, happy and thriving lives. I do this work with you because I am constantly doing this work with myself. This life is long, and there is infinite space to grow and evolve ourselves. I may be a teacher but I will always remain a student. I am a health coach and yoga instructor because it feels completely aligned with the work i have been put on this earth to do. To be a confidant, friend, support system and motivator. To inspire, guide and empower.

Let’s get down to the details here.

I will support you to trust your gut and help silence that voice in your head that keeps negatively whispering. I work with men like you who want to feel:

  • Energized in the mooring and throughout your day
  • Confident in yourself and your daily routine
  • Connected and fulfilled in your relationships
  • Confident in your power to choose what is right for you
  • Calm and exuberant from the inside out
  • Amazing. Facing your life head on with energy, excitement and power

Interested in working together?

Let's fucking do this

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Psychology from Carleton University. I am a trained yoga instructor and have successfully completed my certification in Holistic Health Coaching with a specialty in hormone health from the Institute for integrative Nutrition based out of New York. If you are interested in learning more about the Nutrition School and programs offered feel free to reach out to Sarah today for a referral!

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