Calling all new business owners who want to fast track thier idea! 

Launch It

Get your online business off the ground with ease, intention and confidence

Without spending hundreds of dollars
Let's Launch it for only $37

Are you overwhelmed with indecision of where the heck to even begin?

Then you sure are in the right place.  

Launch It is for you if you’ve barely started, haven’t quite yet scratched the surface of where the heck to even start.

Can you imagine…

If you have an idea and are ready to work for yourself online,
You are in the right place

Knowing exactly what you are creating and what direction you are moving in. Your business is actually being built.

Organized & Clear

Waking up confident in knowing what step you are working on today. No more wasting precious time and energy.

Confident & Resourceful 

Buzzing on the inside knowing you are following the exact right steps to create your very own entity. Your idea is becoming real.

Inspired & Thriving 

Woman looking tired

Let me take a guess... right now

You wake up tired, rushed and grouchy only to put in hours for a company that is not in alignment with your values and goals…oh and they don’t pay you enough
You look at your bank account and feel discouraged, money is not building up and everything feels expensive
You feel uneasy, uncertain, something is missing and it’s right under the surface
excited girls

How you will feel after Launch It...

You wake up at your own pace, take your time with a beautiful morning routine, sit down to your computer to create magic for the world
You have your very own business bank account that is making money while you sleep. You create something once and get paid for it over and over again. Time to plan a vacation.
You feel aligned, confident and know your true gifts are finally shining through and being shared with the world. Expansive takes on a whole new meaning.

If you are ready to go from being a “good worker” to an entrepreneur but you need someone who has been there done that to guide the way...

Launch It was created for you!

Launch It is going to have your friends and family saying, how THE HECK did you come up with that all so quickly!? I am so proud of you!

What makes this guide so different?

Launch it is the perfect guidebook to setting yourself up for success online. It is an all-in-one, step-by-step guide to propelling your online business into fruition by choosing the exact right tools for you.
Welcome to your one stop shop! Covering everything you need to create an online business identity from start to end. It's not only a resource gold mine of the top softwares and online platforms you need to get your business off the ground but a step-by-step guide of where to start and where to go next.

It is here to save you time searching the web, not knowing if you picked the right option.

It is here to save you money, strategically choosing your platforms based on functionality and price so you don’t waste money on the wrong things.

It is here to guide you, remove indecision and remove trial and error.

It is focused on executing the technology & setup part for you.


Welcome to the pieces of the puzzle you have been craving

There is TONS of noise online right now. It’s getting pretty loud.

This is for you if you are ready to get in the game and actually start your own sound


Launch It is for you if you’ve barely started, haven’t quite yet scratched the surface of where the heck to even start.

  • Feature List Item

    You have your idea, semi-game plan but need some serious direction

  • Feature List Item

    You know you really want to create an online business & make money online but are unsure what choices are best

  • Feature List Item

    You have heard recommendations before but don't know how all of the pieces fit together

Ok, I'm listening, tell me more...

It is so easy to get caught up and bogged down in the creation of something, only to realize a year later you haven’t made any products or any money off of it. Launch It allows you to put your time and energy where it matters most- on creation; on ways to help others AND make yourself money, while the logistics are taken care of.

By the end of the program you will

  • .

    Have a distinct and clear vision and direction of where you are going

  • .

    Have your own, active, online presence

  • .

    Have all systems fully automated and functional

  • .

    Be the owner of an official business ready to make money online by sharing your gifts

No more
struggling to understand all the pieces

No more
wasting time on the wrong steps

No more
worrying if you are doing things right


It's time to make moves

You comin' with or what?
OK Launching It 

Let’s get down to business

(I don't got no time to play around what is this?)- Cue Eminem

We cover A-Z. The roadmap, the guiding light for your game plan and execution.

Literally, there are 98.5% of online business owners paled by indecision and confusion. THIS USED TO BE ME AN IT FRICKEN SUCKED.

So here's what we've got coming your way


In the vision section we cover

  • Getting clear on your core desired feelings
  • Expressing your core values
  • Creating a vision board that aligns with your goals
  • Understanding what type of business you are creating
  • Deciding on your niche market and who you are meant to serve
  • Creating an outline of what package, product or service you are going to be offering


In the design section we cover

  • Picking your business name and brand identity
  • Logo creation, colour & font selection
  • Brand photos
  • Online templates and design hacks


In the Tech section we cover

  • Website creation & web hosting
  • Domain and SSL
  • Landing pages & Sales pages
  • Membership and course websites
  • Email platforms and automation


“Sarah’s launch it course provided me with invaluable tools to help create an online presence and really cultivate my business vision. She is a very encouraging and inspiring mentor”

Christina - The Gypsea

Behind the scenes

In the behind the scenes section we cover

  • Invoices, contracts and proposals
  • Automated payment
  • Booking calendars
  • Client intake forms
  • Client communication


In the Advertising section we cover

  • Social Media
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Landing pages & Payment
  • Content Creation


In the Official section we cover

  • Business registration
  • Business taxes
  • Financial tracking

Launch It is NOT for you if...

  • You know exactly what you’re doing
  • You know where you are going and what programs you want to use
  • You are super tech savvy and just “get it” all
  • You are ready to launch your business into this world and have the support, ideas and platforms you need

If this is you > Go fucking get it girl, yes!

girl in mountains

Linnaea says,

“‘Launch it’ and Sarah’s help was the pivotal key to starting my fully online, ever expanding, 5- figure/month health, fitness and wellness business only 5 months ago. Every possible angle of starting your online business is covered inside. You start your business with full confidence knowing no technical, legal, or organization piece is missing. Your business, website(s), sales systems, programs and offerings are seamless, professional, and easy for your clients.

You follow her step-by-step, straight forward, curated list of the best options and offerings in the online space to build something flourishing within an extremely short period of time. I was overwhelmed with my vision of having an online business and everything I had to know and everything I knew I did not know about getting started. Your vision is possible, and within reach. I am able to help people daily on a deep level, follow my soul calling to serve in this way because of these steps. I am forever grateful, and I am so excited for the businesses that will be created with the help of this program. ”


Sammy says,

"Launch It has been a key player in getting my business off the ground. I didn't have to waste hours of my life resourcing all the online tools to help me launch my business, it was all neatly packaged for me in a step-by-step guide. I'm a Virgo, so I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE anything that gives me structure and organization. Sarah has thoughtfully curated a "start-to-finish" plan to help take you from brainstorming to fully launching your online business and not a single detail was missed. I especially love how the guide gives several options for branding, website platforms, payment tools etc. to serve any budget or business. Sarah is an amazing life & business coach, and it really shows in her work. She basically created a way to access her creative and brilliant mind at a price anyone can afford! Love it! THANK YOU ❤"

This is us

This is us working from our computers.

This is us cheersing each other with wine.

This is us travelling to the places we've always wanted to go.

This is us helping other people, serving the world.

This is us not worrying about our bank accounts.

This is us expanding our vision of the possibility for life.

This is us building a new paradigm for our lives.

This is us living-  happy, healthy & thriving


The guide will not only show you the steps but provide the most cost effective and compatible resources for your business. We’ve done the comparing for you by

  • .

    Scouring the web, blogs and fellow business owner recommendations

  • .

    Buying the wrong thing numerous times and then finding something better

  • .

    Staying up to date on trends and the newest services

Invest in Launch it today

Fast track the key elements in business development to move into your new business filled with excitement and clarity.

You will Receive

  • Vision and values design and alignment (Valued at $30)
  • Target niche market and package creation (Valued at $120)
  • Branding, logo and design creation (Valued at $110)
  • Online site creation, email automation & payment (Valued at $67)
  • Best platforms, resources and guides (Valued at $96)
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising 101 (Valued at $25)
  • Money Margins Finance Tracker (Valued at $27)
  • The complete Launch it checklist (Valued at $27)
  • 13 promotional social media templates (Valued at $27)
  • 20 GOLDEN affirmations (Valued at $27)

Hold up...

I’ve also created four amazing bonuses to ensure you have everything in place to actually succeed on your endeavor. This is like the chocolate dessert after the tastiest dinner you’ve ever had.


We have created your go-to guideline to ensure you never feel lost or confounded.

This is your checklist to follow and execute, knowing your business is being built step by step in the right direction.

No more confusion, we only feel confidence here.


Money stresses? I hear you girl. Step 1 is getting yourself clear and organized.

Money margins is your financial tracking spreadsheet that covers revenue, expenses & all the details that we tend to ignore and shy away from. Once you input your numbers, I promise 50% of your financial stress will melt away.


Our mind works in mysterious ways. We have the ability to create our thoughts and manifest them into reality.

These affirmations have been carefully crafted to target each area of your life, used to expand your world as you know it. Your secret weapon to growth is consistent action and these affirmations are about to change the game.


ATTENTION GRABBING, BEAUTIFULLY MADE TEMPLATES. You make your kick-ass offering, customize the content to these posts, and share away. I've taken the guesswork out of this for you, focus on your service and offering and leave the rest to the templates.

Overwhelmed yet?

The Launch It Guarantee

“Launch it is designed to save you time and money as a resource guide. You certainly have to do the work, although this will make it sooo much easier. If you purchase Launch It and you do not feel it is helping you along your path I will certainly refund you the guide price within 30 days. No stress no mess. I’m in this with you”

Speaking of us being in this togehter...If we haven't officially met yet, I’m Sarah! I love drinking really cold water, playing board games, savouring glasses of full-bodied red wine and organizing cupboards! I focus my attention on the simple life pleasures we experience… like sleeping in freshly washed sheets & someone calling you just as you were about to call them!

I am a certified holistic health coach and yoga instructor with a passion for helping others increase inner joy, find their path and let go of habits that no longer serve them.

I began my business Healthy Wine Girl about 4 years ago, only 2 of which were actually “working years” the other two were me slowly putting together the necessary pieces that I knew I needed to do but took forever to complete. It’s one thing to know something and another to implement it! Over the past few years I’ve found myself at the forefront of helping others begin businesses and streamline ones they already have so HERE I AM, putting my knowledge and skills to good use to help YOU set up your business and accomplish all of the things your heart desires!!

As the coaching and online service world begins to boom now more than ever, it’s wildly important to get yourself off to a running start.

Are you a perfect fit?

  • .

    You have an idea and vision of working for yourself

  • .

    You know that your place in this world is to be of service to others

  • .

    You sit down at your computer to start but find yourself just lost in the web

  • .

    You envy people who have a business up and running and can create what they want

  • .

    You are stuck with indecision of which way to go and where the heck to begin

  • .

    You have started and stopped things in your life before and want to make this one stick

  • .

    You know now is the right time to get yourself on a roll

If any of these resonate you are surely in the right place!


Invest in Launch it today

Fast track your journey by executing the key elements in business development

Fuck getting up and going into a job that is lame and boring and not paying you enough. It’s time, you are being called to create something. You see so many people out there doing it, like really doing it.. And you know you can too. Everything is finally lining up for you. You have the idea, mental space and made the decision to start an online business. YOU. GO. GIRL.

This is your business, done right.

This is me with a hand out, and this is you jumping in saying let's do it.

If you are still reading there must be something holding you back… perhaps

Not feeling it yet?

Your time will come- Let’s stay connected! I am always open for a quick chat and would love to hear about what idea you have brewing.