Nourishment is not just about what food you eat. It’s about feeding your soul with what lights you up inside! In working together we can help you become clear and focused on your health and lifestyle goals. Having a support system, a personal coach ensures that you don’t reach burnout in trying to balance all areas of your life.
Life can be stressful, so let’s try to make things a bit easier shall we?

stopping dominos from falling

Private Coaching

6 weeks for $600

Weekly coaching calls, accountability, focusing in on exactly what you need, and yes, it can most definitely involve wine

Here we dive right in, finding the right tools and implementing daily habits to keep you feeling healthy and on finding your course.

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One-on-one Yoga Sessions

$125 per session

Personalized, private yoga brought to you by zoom. Grab your girlfriends and we can make a night out of it 🙂

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I work with people like you who want to feel:

  • Light and guided, knowing your instincts have your covered
  • Properly fueled so you are energized in the mornings and throughout your day
  • In control of the happiness in your relationships
  • Confident in your power to choose what is right for you and to shut off the voice of your ego
  • Calm and exuberant from the inside out
  • Facing your life head on with energy, perseverance and gratitude


You have helped me accomplish many health objectives but most importantly I’ve been able to declutter and simplify my life, make ME a priority in my busy life and become more mindful of what I put into my body by making healthy choices both physically and mentally. You are amazing at what you do Sarah! Thanks for tall the help you have given me

Joanne Belli - Supermom of three

I’ve worked with Sarah for about 6 months and couldn’t write all I love about her in one little blurb. Not only has she added guidance, direction and assistance to my life she’s also brought so much love and light just with her presence. Sarah radiates positivity, joy and gratefulness. Not only does she practice what she preaches so also understands concepts like balance, anxiety and change. Sarah forms her sessions and programs around her clients needs and her open mindedness allows her to adapt and provide exactly it is needed during each session. She goes above and beyond to be available whenever she is needed. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking to become the best versions of themselves and truly develop a love for life.

Quinn Keenan

Want easy tips on how to find more balance in life?