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All the Good Stuff

Hi I’m Sarah. Health Coach, yoga instructor, event specialist. I love learning new skills and having many things on the go! I like red wine, cooking and sharing moments with friends. I focus on the simple life pleasures like sleeping in freshly washed sheets, drinking a cold glass of water when you are really thirsty, someone calling you just as you were about to call them and laughing with your family about a joke only you guys get. To name a few.


High Vibing Yoga

The one golden rule in yoga- breathe. My golden rule in yoga- have fun. Yoga, similar to our health is a different experience for everyone. It is meant to allow you space to grow and change. It is a form of physical activity that integrates movement while also allowing space for our body and mind to relax. High vibing yoga has you leaving your mat feeling refreshed and raditaing at a higher frequency than when you began. Breathe, smile and reconnect. Learn more.

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Don’t just exist. Live. Get out, explore. Thrive. Challenge yourself. Evolve. Change forever.

Umm What Exactly Does Holistic Mean?

Holistic means our health is not just all about the food and hitting the gym everyday. Holistic means our life is intricate and there are many variables that affect our mental, spiritual and physical health. Each person is different and there is certainly no one perfect solution to live a happy healthy life. We each have our own goals and our own struggles. Holistic means approaching health on an individual and well-rounded basis. Think… creativity, spirituality, organization, sexuality, joy, environment, finances AND food and exercise.

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How you choose to use the plant is up to you, and there is a way for everyone. Cannabis and hemp have been used in healing and production for centuries. The benefits are numerous and intriguing! Education and the holistic health uses of cannabis are of great interest to me and I continue to be amazed by the various uses and forms of consumption.

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